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  Audio Space Line-3.1
  Celestion E1
  Cairn 4808
  Audio Quest Sidewinder
  Audio Note AN-VX
  Audio Quest Quartz
  Cardas Hexlink 5-C
  Cardas Neutral Reference
  Cardas Golden Reference
  Cardas Golden Reference XLR
  Cardas Golden Reference
  Cardas Quadlink 5-C
  Cardas Golden Reference
  Ecosse Reference CS-4.4
  Furutech Hi Vision Rainbow FC-51, FC-52, FC-53
  Furutech Silver Series FDD-31
  Furutech Silver Series FVS-71
  Furutech FCC-33
  Furutech Pcocc Series FP-2TS20
  JPS Lab The Digital AC
  JPS Lab. The Superconductor +
  JPS Lab. The Analog AC
  JPS Lab. Power AC
  MIT MH-750
  MIT MI-330 Proline Shortgun System
  MIT MI-330 S3 Plus Series 3
  MIT Z-Cord II
  MIT MI-330 Proline Shortgun System
  Audio Quest Crystal 2
  XLO Reference 2
  XLO Reference 1
  Siltech HF8Si
  Siltech SQ28GB
  Audio Quest Midnight 3 Hyperlitz
  NBS Master-Pro
  Kimber Kable KS1010
  Straight Wire Crescendo
  Straight Wire Megalink
  Straight Wire Serenade
  Straight Wier Silver Surfer
  Straight Wire Chorus
  Straight Wire Media Link
  Straight Wire Laser Link
  Straight Wire Virtuoso
  NBS Signature-II
  Siltech HF 8 Si Pure Silver
  Furutech FP-314
  Ortofon 8N
  Ensemble Supraflux
  MIT MI-330
  Axiscable Ultimate Digital
  Audioquest Midnight 3 Hyperlitz
  Van den Hul MC The Mainsstream Hybrid
  Silver Sonic 
  Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C
  Cardas Neutral Reference
  Straight Wire Serende
  Audioquest Crystal 2 Hyperlitz
  Audio Quest Slate
  Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire SA-OF8N
  Audioquest Quartz x 3 Hyperlitz
  Ortofon 6N+7N Progre Copper
  Monster Cable Interlink 100
  Sound Mechanics MXD10A Rodium Plated
  Furukawa Electric Pcocc FP-EVCT
  Furukawa Electric Super Pc-occ FS-2T15S
  Chord Co Chameleon 2
  Furutech RD-1
  Synergistic Research Mark IIS S/N 1491
  Synergistic Research Resolution Reference
  Wireworld Silver Eclipse
  Wireworld Golden Eclipse
  Wireworld Eclipse II
  Wireworld Eclipse
  Siltech LS-38 G3 Silver Gold
  Denko / Sonic Ref Robo Dinosaur 2000
  XLO Reference I
  Synergistic Research Alpha Quad
  Cardas Golden Reference
  QED Silver Special 25th Anniversary Edition
  Audioquest SideWinder
  Oehlbach Silver Stream Type 1224
  Nordost Corp Flatline Cable, Blue Heaven, Shot/Gun
  Audioquest Slate
  Monster Cable M Series
  Harmonic Technology Crystal Component Plus
  Wireworld Oasis III+
  Straight Wire Silver-S
  Wireworld Silver Eclipse
  Wireworld Chroma III+
  JPS Labs Ultra Conductor Digital/Video Reference
  MIT MH-750 Plus S3
  Harmonic Technology 6N Single Crystal Copper
  Audioquest Video Two
  Straight Wire Rhapsody S
  Heavens Gate Red Rocket 222016
  MIT MH-750 CVTerminator II, Limited Edition
  Aural Symphonics Missing-Link ML-Cubed
  Straight Wire Encore II
  Chiro, Kinergetics Research C-500
  Pioneer VSX-7500S
  Luxman L-450
  Philips CD 950
  Luxman 1000-MV
  Dual CS415-2
  Electrocompaniet EMC1
  California Audio Labs Tempest II
  PS Audio 250 Delta
  Accuphase DP-90
  Alchemist Nexus
  Audio Note CDT-Zero
  Krell CD-DSP
  Krell KPS 30i Signature Series
  Krell MD-2
  Marantz CD-80
  Marantz PMD340
  Meridian 207 (207A+207B)
  Roksan Attessa DP2
  Sony SCD-XB770
  The Gryphon Tabu CDP1
  Meridian 606
  Wadia 27i
  Accuphase DC-91
  Mark Levinson, Madrigal 36
  Kenwood Stage 3 KC-Z1
  Audio Note DAC-Zero
  CEC DX 71
  Chiro, Kinergetics Research C-5.1
  Madrigal, Proceed PDP 1
  Sony SDP-E800
  Kenwood DVC-L85V
  Panasonic DVD-L50EN
  Sharp DV-L88BT
  Sony DVP-S9000ES
  Electrocompaniet ECI-2
  Musical Fidelity A1000
  LA Audio A-2 Gold
  Krell KAV-300i
  Luxman A-383
  Restek Challenger
  Unison Research SR1
  Denon DP-900M
  Lenco L78
  Luxman PD444
  Nottingham Interspace
  Systemdek Systemdek II
  Electrocompaniet ECP1
  Audio Research PH3
  ATI AT2505
  Sonic Frontiers SFM-75 Mark II
  Audio Research D300
  Cello Duet 350
  Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 120 DMB (AW120DMB)
  Luxkit (Luxman)|| A3500
  Accuphase P-300V
  JBL Synthesis S400
  McIntosh MC122
  McIntosh MC7106
  Meridian, Boothroyd Stuart 555
  Spectral DMA-90
  The Gryphon Linestage
  Cello Audio Palette (MIV) + Master Supply
  Electrocompaniet EC4.7
  Berendsen PRE I
  Counterpoint SA-1000E
  Sunfire Classic 861-020-01
  Conrad-Johnson Premier Two
  Luxkit (Luxman) A3300
  Meridian, Boothroyd Stuart 501V
  Accuphase C-240
  Chiro, Kinergetics Research C-800
  Rotel RTC-970
  Threshold FET One
  Assemblage D2D-1
  Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 180 Mono (AW180M)
  Thorens TD 125 MK II
  Denon AVR-1803
  Pioneer DV-655A
  Threshold FET Two Series II
  Cello Encore-L (1M) (new version)
  McIntosh MC275 Commemorative Edition
  Quad 606
  Pioneer VSX-5900S
  Sharp VC-ML55D
  Cary CAD 5500
  Krell KSA-50S Signature Series
  Berendsen STA150
  Luxman C-383
  Audio Space Buffer-One
  Kenwood CS-6
  Confluence Cantilene t.e.
  Aliante Stile, Pininfarina
  Focus Audio 88 Signature Series
  JBL 4344M Studio Monitor Series
  MB Quart QL S29
  Opera Callas Gold
  Castle Harlech
  Celestion SL600
  Harbeth Acoustics HL-S8
  Heco Superior 640
  KEF  Reference Series 105/3 Type SP3111
  KEF Reference Series 103.2 Type SP1121
  MB Quart QL A12
  MB Quart QL S830
  Sony DAV-S500
  ProAc Response One Point Five
  ProAc Response Hexa Satellite
  ProAc Tablette III
  Quad 77-10L Limited, Hand Made
  Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home
  Spendor S1
  B&W ASW500
  MB Quart QL T60 Terra
  REL Q200E
  Rogers ASB-100
  B&W LCR6 S2
  Phase Technology Teatro 6.5
  Jamo A210PDD
  Jamo A500
  VPI HW-16.5
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